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How To Do A Comparative Psychology Research Paper In The APA Format

There is hardly any college student that has not had to write a few comparative research papers. In writing this type of academic paper, you are expected to compare two things which usually range from objects to publications, environments and experiences. This time, your assigned paper is on psychology which expectedly, is to be written in the APA format. In the course of writing any type of academic paper, there are a few things that students should know or understand in order to be successful in accomplishing their task.

In order to compose a brilliant comparative psychology research paper in the APA format, here are some tips you should take into consideration. They are as follows:

  • Build A Frame: Before you start working on a comparison project, there has to be a frame of reference. This means that there should be two or more things to be compared. If the reference is already set out by your tutor, it makes it easier but if you are asked to choose, it is left to you to decide what to compare. However, you should be specific in your chosen objects or issues.
  • Create A Clear List: In order for you not to miss out on any of the similarities and differences existing between the two or more things you are trying to compare, you should make a list of these similarities and differences. This will help you craft a solid thesis for your research paper as you already know how the two or more things being compared are similar or differ from each other.
  • Develop Your Thesis: Depending on the technique that works best for you, you need to engage in prewriting exercises in order to come up with a solid and interesting thesis for your paper.
  • Create An Outline: The outline of your paper will make provision for paragraphs discussing the first object and secondly, the second object. The similarities and differences should be taken note of. Make sure that you create enough space to cover all the differences and similarities that need to be compared and contrasted.
  • Write The First Draft: Using the outline as a guide, it is time to write the first draft of your research paper. This will help you have minimal mistakes or errors to correct after you finish writing your paper.
  • Compose A Solid Conclusion: Just like the introduction and thesis of your comparative paper, you should compose a solid conclusion for your academic paper. This way, you will be able to flawlessly reinforce your paper’s thesis.

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