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Where To Look For A Good Sample Of A Research Paper Conclusion

A conclusion is an important part of any paper because it presents a summary of whatever you have discussed in your work. Sometimes academic papers are quite lengthy like research papers or dissertations and the reader cannot recall everything he has studied so far in your paper. You need to provide an extract of your work at the end to remind the readers that your paper was all about. The other important thing about restating your major works is to prove your thesis statement or stance in the paper. You emphasis on your major points in the conclusion to show how they aid in proving your ideas right. It is indeed a critical potion of your paper and you cannot afford to make blunders at this point. It will be the final impression the reader will carry from your paper so you need to make sure it is strong and clear.

Different authors use different methods to write a conclusion. Some would restate the thesis statement only while others will suggest an action based on the earlier discussion. A good way to leave an impression on your reader is to ask a though provoking question. Such techniques are used to help the reader remember your work and refer back to it at a later stage. The conclusion of your assignment needs to be clear and precise. You do not have to introduce any new ideas at this stage to avoid any confusion. To be able to write an effective conclusion for a research paper, you need to make sure you are familiar with the requirements of a good one. If you do not know how to compose a great conclusion for your research paper, then you should look at expert written papers and their ending paragraphs.

The question however, is that where you will find a research paper conclusion to follow as an example. Here is a list of sources you can consider for getting a good example for yourself.

  1. Start your search at a public library near your place. If you do not have the access to a public library, you can consider going to the library in your college. The library will always have a large number of papers relevant to what you are looking for
  2. Ask your elder siblings or parents to help you in choosing a good sample
  3. Get help from friends
  4. Use the internet

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