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Helpful Advice On Writing A Research Paper About Youth Smoking

Nowadays, more and more teenagers start smoking. Despite all the campaigns that are made by health organizations, this is a habit that will not stop soon. For teenagers, this is a sign of rebellion, a way of trying to grow up faster. Although they think that they are mature, the truth is that many of them do not realize the danger and how smoking will affect them on long term. Your research paper can help your classmates to stay away from temptations. These advices will help you in your endeavor:

  • Be friendly. All teenagers saw the harsh campaigns against smoking, and this did not help them in any way. They think that this is yet another attempt of adults to control them. To make them listen to you, you need to write your paper in a friendly, relaxed way. Let them think about you as a friend who is giving them good advice.

  • Present the medical risks. Smoking can lead to many health problems, but not everyone is aware of this. They know about lung cancer, but not the rest. You have to present these possible risks in a very explicit manner, because no one will understand the medical terms. Use analogies and examples to prove your point. If you want, you can bring references from medical books that will be very appreciated by your professors.

  • Mention other disadvantages. If the health risks will not impress your classmates, maybe other disadvantages will. Most of the teenagers have a limited budget, and the cigarettes are very expensive. Make a simple calculus and show them how much money they spend on this habit in one year. In most of the cases, the amount is very high and it is enough to buy a car or a nice vacation somewhere. This will make some of them change their mind.

  • Analyze the reasons. Why do they start smoking? Why they continue? It is very important to think about all this, and to analyze everything from a neutral point of view.

  • Present some solutions. Maybe some smokers will realize the dangers after you present your paper, and it would be good to give them some help to give up this habit. There are many types of medicine that can help them, therapy, different techniques. They can choose what is suitable for them.

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