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Is Buying A Research Paper A Plagiarism: Expert Advice

So, you have a major research paper to write and because you are snowed under with other stuff, and you know some friends that have made no secret of the fact that they have bought research papers without consequence you are now seriously wondering whether this is a path that you should go down, just this once.

The problem is that buying a research paper feels like cheating. Technically it is cheating, and it goes everything that you have been brought up to believe. You know that your parents would go absolutely ape if they suspected, even for one minute that you were considering going down this route.

Cheating is not illegal. Plagiarism is. The question you need an urgent answer to is: “Is buying a research paper a plagiarism?” Let me give you the benefit of my expert opinion.

First of all you will find plenty of online websites offering “original” or “exclusive to you” deals on your academic requirements. Technically, you could argue that if the work is not to be resold anywhere else, then it is a form of ghostwriting rather than plagiarism.

However, that is a fairly flimsy argument. It is not the same as say, someone ghostwriting a novel for a client. Because in your case, you are hoping to pass off someone else’s work as your own in order to get a better grade, and some might say fraudulently walk into a lucrative job. More than that buying an essay is fraught with potential pitfalls, here are just some of the many reasons why:

Most lecturers have access to plagiarism checkers

Lecturers expect you to attempt to scam them. That is why a lot of universities and colleges have invested in plagiarism checkers. Even if the bulk of the document is original, it will still pick up on keywords and phrases that are already online.

You could get kicked out of college

Is it really worth getting kicked out of college just because you were too lazy to write your own academic work? This kind of begs the question, why did you go to college in the first place. The consequences of buying a document could be enormous.

It is very expensive

Buying an academic document is going to set you back an awful lot of money. Just think what else you could do with that kind of cash? A trip to Hawaii maybe? I am not joking. Think before you do you it.

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