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Twenty Strong Topics For Creating A Quality Term Paper On Political Science

Having trouble coming up with a topic for that research paper with an imminent deadline? Look no further! All “poli sci” classes will require you to look at and discuss pertinent issues in the classroom, and they will require you to extend those critical thinking and writing skills outside of the classroom. The type of term paper topic you choose will depend on which class you are taking. For most of your classes, you will look at historical as well as current events.

For instance, in a class covering China, you may choose to write a paper on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, or in an American Government class, you could cover recent changes in campaign finance laws. Regardless of your particular course’s focus, there are several elements that are common throughout all classes; they examine governmental systems in terms of historical events, political movements, social trends, and philosophical questions. Consequently, these are the areas you will want to focus on when developing paper topics. The following twenty topic ideas are broad enough that you can adjust them to fit pretty much any course you take in this subject area.

  1. Western versus Eastern Political Thought and Policies
  2. Judicial System Politics
  3. Causes of Voting Behaviors in Different Demographics
  4. The Ethics of Campaign Finance
  5. Lobbyism and Public Policy
  6. The History of Gender and Politics
  7. Religion and Politics
  8. The Limits of Diplomacy
  9. Local Government Cooperation on Development Projects
  10. Regulatory Demands in Financial Services’ Effects on Economic Volatility
  11. Grounds for Citizens’ Partisan Party Affiliations
  12. Foreign Policy: The Relationship Between Relief Aid and Military Intervention
  13. Ideology of Equality versus Existing Realities of the Practice of Democracy
  14. Urban Policy Problems
  15. Suburban Policy Concerns
  16. The Relationship Between Public Education Policy and Civic Participation
  17. Cyber Politics
  18. Litigation’s Role in Forming Public Policy
  19. Historical and Contemporary Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Politics
  20. Guerrilla Warfare versus Revolution

As previously stated, this list is a good starting-off point for coming up with a good research topic for your term paper. While researching and writing, keep in mind that you should narrow your focus to fit your assignment requirements and ensure that you are able to cover your topic effectively within the constraints of time and length requirements! Finally, make sure that you develop a strong research question to guide your argument. Good luck!

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