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A List Of Great Topics For Your Term Paper On Taxes

Most students don’t look forward to writing a term paper. If you feel this way, you’re certainly not alone. It can be a big project with a lot of weight attached to it. You want a good mark on your paper, so you’re searching for some help from a paper writing service. Choosing a great topic is the first step to a successful paper. The following list will give you some ideas to get started with.

  1. In-depth study of the history of U.S. Taxation
  2. What influence did taxation have on the Revolutionary War?
  3. Discuss details on the first income tax established in 1861, which was adopted to fund the Civil War. It was also known as the Revenue Act of 1861.
  4. What are the short-term benefits of implementing tax cuts?
  5. Which is more effective at promoting economic growth – tax cuts for middle and low-income families or cuts for the wealthy?
  6. Discuss some specific situations where tax cuts have had a positive influence on economic growth. Are there other tax cuts that may have even a bigger impact?
  7. Detailed comparison of the different types of taxes between two specific States. Consider corporate and excise taxes, sales and income taxes. Which is the best state to live in according to its tax system?
  8. Which states are more favorable for small business and the start-up of new business? Is it worth it for a company to move to that state? What are the tax liabilities before and after moving?
  9. How do real estate taxes compare in the different states? Which state’s tax system is more favorable toward real estate investors?
  10. Compare the national budget from a decade ago and this year. How did tax rates affect the economy and therefor the budget? What recommendations could you draw from this comparison?
  11. Excise taxes on items such as beer, wine or cigarettes – which states receive the most (or least) tax revenue from this special category? How is this money used within the state?
  12. What impact, if any, as the ability to file taxes electronically had on the rate of people filing their income tax claims on time? Has this rate changed drastically over the past decade or remained essentially the same? It can be tough to create a compelling topic idea for a paper on taxation. The tax code is complicated and there are many facets to it.

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