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Creating A Strong Research Paper On The 911 Terrorist Attack

It won’t be difficult to create a strong research paper on the 911 terrorist attacks. It is a highly emotional topic and will definitely be of interest to your audience. The topic surrounding the 911 terrorist attacks will be extremely interesting and will probably create strong emotions in your audience. Choose your thesis wisely and make sure there is plenty of research on whatever you choose.

Choose a topic

The 911 terrorist attacks is an extremely broad topic. In order to narrow it down, you should brainstorm. Find a piece of paper and write down as many topics as you can in 5 minutes. This is usually good because the most interesting topics to you will come to mind first. Hopefully you can come up with at least 10 to choose from.

Once you have your list completed, decide if all of them will have sufficient research available. You will need to have sources and corroborating data so check each one out to see if data exists. Try to eliminate at least half of your list narrowing it down to at least 5. Now you need to look at your list and decide which two are the most interesting to you.

Now that you have narrowed your topics down to two, decide which one your audience would be most interested in. Once you have done that, you will be left with one topic and it will more than likely be extremely interesting to you and your audience.


Now that you have your topic, it is time to begin your research. Keep all of your information on index cards and keep them organized. Write the subject of the information on the back of the card to help keep them better organized. While you are researching, your topic sentence will probably be forming in your head. This is a really cool part of your research.

Your topic sentence is the most important part of the paper. Now that you have it, go back through your research and keep everything that pertains to it. You are now ready to create your strong research paper.


Your paper is in the same format as most others. There is an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction explains your thesis statement and sets the reader up for the rest of the paper. Your body is a number of points that prove your thesis. Your conclusion wraps everything up and leaves your reader with something to think about and possibly act upon.

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