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Fresh Ideas For Creating A Research Paper On Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf

This creative writing and literary studies article suggests a few fresh ideas for creating a research paper on the problems of good versus evil in the Old English classic tale of Beowulf. It also invites English literature students to explore new ways to find original angles and beginning new debates on the classic mythical tale of the ancient British folk hero.

  • Towards reinterpretation
  • The article encourages readers and writers to find enlightening ways of reinterpreting and retelling this complex but timeless story. Particularly if you do have Anglo-Saxon roots, the article is geared towards motivating you to integrate your reading and writing experiences with new cultural discoveries and dispelling a modern belief that you, as a North American, do not have the nous to discuss an ancient English story.

  • Reading discipline
  • The thing about finding new ideas to talk about the good, bad and sometimes the ugly, in the Beowulf saga, is that you still need to read the text. Not only that, if you truly want to master this epic adventure in writing, you need to reinvigorate other readers’ thought processes and prompt them to remark that they had not imagined that idea before. Your research paper needs to be as informative as possible. To do this, you need to become a Beowulf expert. And to begin doing this, you need to read the classical text at least four times.

    Because the original text is written in the unfamiliar Old English language, you will have no alternative but to read slowly. Do not let this deter you because invariably when you read slowly, you will become a practiced close reader. This way, you will discover new things about the story’s heroes and villains.

  • Different perspectives
  • Earlier, it was mentioned that you read this text at least four times. To read OE all over again will be too much at this stage. All you need to do is go back to your library and select modern translated texts of the original which are re-written in familiar American English. The story has not been diminished in this way, and you will soon discover how fresh, new ideas have come to the fore. When re-reading the text, always make sure that you are drafting your essay notes as well. This helps you to build your final research paper as you go along. Also read the text from different perspectives. Your first reading will be informed by the omniscient narrator’s perspective. A second reading will examine the hero’s dilemmas when challenged. Later readings (and written notes) can examine the consequences of pure evil and the methods characters use to overcome it.

If you consider some of these fresh ideas, you should be prepared. You will have no difficulty with an essay or research paper on the problems of good versus evil in the Old English classic tale of Beowulf if you hire a writer to write my essay for me online.

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