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Selection Of 12 US History Research Paper Topics

Writing a paper on the history of the United States can be difficult when you don’t have a topic to begin with, but when you start to have an idea of how to think of one it changes everything. Soon you will see that thinking of your own titles is extremely easy, and simple. You just need the correct mind set, since it can take a while until you think of one right for you. There are many methods out there that you can use to help you think of a unique title, which you can use to your advantage. Continue reading this article to discover what these tips and hints are. With that approach here is a selection of 12 United States history research paper topics.

  1. When and why were the slaves released?
  2. The great terrorist attack on September 11th
  3. The creation of the constitution and the bill of rights
  4. How did hurricane Katrina devastate the people of the United States?
  5. The American civil war and their leaders
  6. How and when was President Lincoln assassinated?
  7. How has the world war shaped today’s modern society?
  8. Was the United States right to launch a nuclear missile to Japan?
  9. What were the major advantages living in the United States back in the day?
  10. How did the minority of people in America survive?
  11. Did the justice system work back in the day?
  12. The creation of the atomic bomb and all its power

The titles above are incredibly great options that can allow you to start your project within a short period of time. Just pick a title that you know you will enjoy as picking one that you won’t enjoy will be a pain and a struggle, because you won’t be motivated to work. Thus the quality of the work will go down, and your grade with it. Another suggestion that’s worth noting is ending up with a topic that you have some prior experience with. This will reduce the volume of info that you’ll need to search for online.

However, you can pick a subject that you have completely no knowledge about what so ever, but you know you will find interesting. This way you will learn something new, which is always a good thing.

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