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Sources To Check When Looking For A Good Research Paper About World War 2

Not many people are who have lived the 40s have been able to remove the World War 2 from their consciousness. Not many sights could have matched the Japanese plains dashing right into Pearl Harbour. Then the millions of Jews who lost their lives in the trail are also fondly remembered by all of us. There have been countless instances in the World War 2 that command much research and intrigue. If you are writing a new paper on the World War, it would be nice to check the following sources to enhance your information.

The myriad documentaries

If it is about drawing maximum information about the war, it is imperative that you will have to depend on the many documentaries that have been made on the World wars. There have been several such short films that have been made by some of the eminent researchers of the day. Be sure to find:

  • Evidences of the weapons used in those days
  • Interviews of families who lost their sons
  • Biography snippets of war personnel
  • Mindlessness of stop-gap dictators like Tojo

Books and biographies

Books and biographies make for some of the most ostentatious sources for your research. We can imagine the number of books that have been written on the subject owing to its sheer importance and volume of the event. A proper scroll of the library will lead you to several biographies written on the men who mattered at that time. If you are fortunate enough, you may also find a couple of autobiographies of the incident. These can be implemental in the research paper.

The World War 2 memorial blogs

With the advent of the internet, talks on the World War 2 only grew denser. People were now discussing about the catastrophe more than ever. Some dedicated blogs were created to remember the important events and battles that transpired during the war. Since the people participating in the discussions have been through several books and places, you will find lots of ideas.

Cities that were brutally affected

If the project you are doing is dependent upon a particular city or two, you research will be incomplete if you do not visit these cities personally. There are several people that are doing the same in a bid to produce the most relevant pieces of information in their research and developments. Make sure to visit the war memorials when you reach the cities.

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