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Composing A Research Paper On Violence In Schools: Things You Should Know

Violence can be classified into two types: physical and verbal. Students encounter it not only from their classmates and schoolmates, but we are not excluding the fact that it could also come from teachers and administrators. To help solve the problem, here are a few academic suggestions for you to consider:

  • Compose a striking introduction. You will stress the importance why this problem should be given immediate attention not only by parents but also teachers and school authorities. Include in your paper the significance of time in addressing the situation.
  • Let your thesis statement stand out. Make a statement that will sum up the important points in your research paper then develop it by means of supporting your ideas with relevant proof or evidence of violence in schools.
  • Organize your methods or procedures by doing the following:
    • Send letters to important individuals and inform them of the nature of your study. Ask permission that you will be gathering data for manual survey or interview.
    • When permission is granted, start collecting or gathering data based on its importance. Since your paper will discuss on school violence, talk with the victims and record all their responses. You can quote them in direct or indirect speech.
    • After these things are considered, do some manual numerical calculations. E.g. is the ratio of violence between boys and girls.
    • Summarize your computations and be ready to present it later in your research paper.
  • Reveal the results of your survey. The number will speak for itself. This will be your proof that indeed violence is always a problem in educational institutions.
  • Make your conclusion and discuss your recommendations in the following manner:
    • My research disclosed the fact that becoming violent does not really start with the individual but from the immediate members of the family or the victim’s social environment.
  • Cite all your sources that facilitated in undertaking the research paper. The bibliography is the last and one of the most important parts of your research paper. The purpose of citing the sources are to avoid plagiarism or in simple terms, stealing of intellectual property.

The data mentioned above portrays a simple template of a research paper. If you are dedicated enough in solving the problem, trace the cause that is the family. After doing so, inform your local officials of the problem so that measures may be taken and the dilemma will get the attention of our elected leaders. They are the ones who will bring it to the national level for evaluation and proper legislation.

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