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10 Quick Tips On How To Format A Research Paper In The APA Style

The APA, or American Psychological Association, style is used for many science and math class papers. It does have rules and guidelines that are different than the MLA, or Modern Language Association, style. You will want to read up on the rules, and you can use this handy guide to help you will the process, as well.

10 Tips

  1. Margins-the top, bottom, right, and left margins will all be one inch in size with this style of composition. You paper will be set for double-spacing throughout the entire thing.
  2. Font-your font will be a very basic and easy to read font such as Times New Roman or Arial. It will be size twelve.
  3. Running head-the running head goes on all pages in the top-right corner, but it is left justified. It is an abbreviated form of the title, 50 words or less, and the page number. It should not have your name on it at all. You will begin the running head on the first page. The first page has a title page as well.
  4. Title page-on the title page, you will first place the running head. Then you will space down about eight spaces. Centered you will put the title of the paper, your name, and your university name. Then you will space 10-12 lines and if your professor requires you to put his name, then place it there.
  5. Reference list-the last thing included in your paper will be a reference sheet of the sources used. This will run alphabetically by the author name.
  6. Good sources- at this point in your academic career, you do not want to use any sources that are suspicious. Your experts should be certified, your databases credible, and your case studies and observations valid. You are writing one of the most important papers in your educational life, make sure your sources are deemed quality.
  7. Editing-you have to edit the paper when you finish it. And then after your director or advisor looks at it, you may have to further edit depending on his or her suggestions. The paper is not finished until the editing is completed.
  8. Seeking help-if at any point in the entire process, you feel lost or in over your head, you need to acquire professional help. That help could be a tutor or a writing company. Also, remember that your school’s writing lab is available for you to use for free of charge.
  9. The Abstract-your APA style paper will need an abstract. This goes at the front of the paper. It is a summary of your goals and how you will prove them within your paper. It is similar to a preview of what is to come.
  10. Your Teacher-you have to pick a teacher to lead you through this process. Sometimes he or she is called a thesis director or an advisor. This person should guide you every step of the way. He or she should always know what you are doing and be reading the work as you progress.

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