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Writing A Great Research Paper On Effective Leadership: Basic Tips

Why effective leadership is a great topic for research paper?

Effective leadership is a relevant topic. Be it military force, government or a corporate conglomerate- there are many angles from which you can show this concept in a unique light. Whether you are a student of political science or management or sociology- effective leadership is a challenging topic to be explored and if you are given the task to devise a research paper around it, then take it head on.

Basic tips to write a striking research paper on effective leadership-

Narrow down the topic

No matter what is your major, it’s always advisable to narrow down the topic as manageable as possible. Effective leadership is a broad area and if you take up too generic titles like- ‘Effective leadership in military or ‘The role of effective leadership to succeed in business in 2st century- you won’t be able to manage it properly. To avoid this conflict, be very specific which side you wish to tap.

Do your groundwork properly

A good paper is consisted of theory as well as statistical data. But to build your paper excellent, you need to include more. Apart from spending time inside the library and searching the net, you should get some real research work done. If you are working on leadership in corporate sector, speak to any HR honcho. Same goes for political fields also. Record the conversation , put them into text and include in your chapters.

Learn the art of taking notes

Taking down notes is an inseparable part of your journey of writing. Jot down important points on your notebook- whether you get them from books or internet. Sometimes, jotting down feels too boring to bear. Then, photocopying comes usable. Also you can use markers for maximum advantage. Lastly, when you note down any theory or excerpts from a chapter- maintain the bibliographical record.

Formulate the first draft

In order to invent the first draft, you should draw a rough idea in the initial stage. In all probability, your departmental site will upload the acceptable format of the paper. Formulate the outline of your draft around it. Then jam it up with sentences and sub-sections. Don’t hesitate to make as many changes in it as possible.

Understand the power of revision

Keep a buffer period between penning down the final draft and the final submission. Spend the meantime in doing repeated revision and editing of the paper. Special attention should be given to grammatical, spelling, typographical blunders as well as the bibliographical page.

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