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Organizing A Good Research Paper Outline In Graphic Design: 7 Simple Rules

Graphic design is not just about the graphics, it is also about the information that you present alongside the graphics. You must adhere to certain rules, which will of course go a long way in helping you score the best marks possible.

When it comes to a good research paper outline for graphic design, there are certain rules that you have to follow. We will look into some of them in here, and hopefully you will learn a lot in the process:

  1. Make your work presentable
  2. Use explanations where necessary
  3. Do some research, lots of it
  4. Feature examples to prove a point
  5. Relevant discussion points
  6. Organize your workflow
  7. Go through your work
  • Make your work presentable
  • Graphic design is all about presentation. Ensure that your work is appealing to the eye, because this will earn you more marks.

  • Use explanations where necessary
  • Whenever or wherever possible, you will need to ensure that you have the right explanations to help your audience make sense of what you are working with.

  • Do some research, lots of it
  • You cannot start working on this task without first of all conducting some good research on it. This will also help you get lots of relevant information.

  • Feature examples to prove a point
  • If you ever need to drive a point home, there is no better way to do this than to use examples. Choose them well, so that you can be able to explain your work better.

  • Relevant discussion points
  • The points that you are presenting in your paper have to be relevant. This means that they have to add up when you go back to the title and consider the direction of your arguments. A lot of students lose so many marks here because they often get carried away and lose the plot.

  • Organize your workflow
  • There is a particular flow that has to be evident in your work. Your teacher might have discussed this in class, because each and every subject has its own nature of flow when you are writing some of these papers. Make sure you have a really good idea of what to do.

  • Go through your work
  • Next you should go through the work you are doing. It is important to do this, so that you can correct any errors before you present the work to your teacher.

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