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The Top 20 Most Interesting Term Paper Ideas On Terrorism


Unfortunately, terrorism is a serious threat in Occident, as there have been some important attacks have taken place in Europe and USA in the past few years. As a consequence, security measurements have been enhanced in airports and train stations. Nowadays, we live in a safer world but the menace of terrorism is permanently lurking in the shadows.

  1. General Terrorism. You can choose to write about the overall situation of terrorism at this moment. This threat extends mostly throughout occidental.
  2. Orient Hostage Crisis. Tourists are the main focus of this terror machinery. In a frequent basis, people from Occident are taken as hostages. How do governments manage this situation?
  3. Media Effect on Terrorism. Nowadays, it is not rare to watch a report on terrorism or articles talking about the issue in the media.
  4. Insecurity in trips. Some destinations are not recommended for people from Europe and USA.
  5. General Instability. Violence creates instability in some countries. This also causes some politics regimes to be volatile.
  6. Is my country threatened? You should be informed about the alert level in your nation so as to comply.
  7. Al Qaeda. This is the most well-known terrorist association. Al Qaeda is still operational and encourages people from all the Islamic countries to join their initiative.
  8. Terrorism on the Internet. The Internet is a tool terrorists are using to reach more people worldwide. Terrorist take advantage of this situation in order to recruit youngsters.
  9. Bio-terrorism. As you may know, bio-weapons are not allowed but some violent groups have tried to make use of them.
  10. Counterterrorism. The threatened countries increase the safety measurements every year and try harder to stop the menace.
  11. Cyber-terrorism. Terrorism takes place in the Internet and has serious consequences.
  12. War and terrorism. Violence is the main tool of terrorists.
  13. Is there a solution? We need to get to an agreement in order to find a solution but nowadays there is no dialogue between both parts.
  14. Why is there terrorism? There is a lot to analyze in this regard so as to understand why some people choose this means of violence.
  15. Safety measurements. The security protocols are updated every year.
  16. War of Ideas. Terrorism is countered by having the right ideas in our society.
  17. When is it going to end? There is no end to this war at sight but it should come to an end in the future.
  18. Consequences of terrorist attacks. Many people have suffered the consequences of these violent attacks.
  19. Being afraid is not the response. People can’t live in terror. That is no solution to the problem but what is the correct mindset?
  20. Terror is in your mind. Terror is an option. It is not easy but everyone is able to choose.

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