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How To Write A Good Research Paper Proposal Paragraph

Before you are given the green light to proceed with writing the paper, you will obviously be required to develop a research paper proposal. This can be a tough task, especially when it comes to crafting the paragraphs for each section of the proposal. Here is a guide on how to write a good research paper proposal paragraph.


An effective introductory paragraph should discuss the importance of the study along with a statement of the issue or the problem. It should present a context and background of your intended investigation since it advocates for the reasons for conducting the inquiry and offers a clear insight of your intentions. It should capture the attention of the audience so that they can keep reading throughout the proposal.

Important Elements

In case you didn’t know, not all the elements of the introductory paragraphs are discussed independently. In most cases, a number of elements will be discussed in a single paragraph. Although these aspects are described independently here, some of these elements may in the real sense be combined when writing the actual proposal.

Problem Statement

As part of the introductory paragraph of your research proposal, a good problem statement must answer one question. “What is the purpose of conducting the research?” besides clearly stating the problem, you need to state what you intend to study and the methods you will employ to achieve the purpose. Additionally, you have to state the purpose of the findings of your study. In it you will probably be looking at something that is wrong, an issue that deserves some close attention, or a problem whereby the existing approaches no longer appear to be offering effective solutions.

Concise Wording

One of the most vital aspects on how to write a good paper is the kind of words you will use. The words that you use have to be concise and precise. You need to offer a brief summary of the problem that warrants some analysis. One of the elements of a credible or acceptable research proposal is clear identification of the research problem. The biggest challenge you should expect will probably be narrowing down the topic because the topic is still somewhat unfamiliar.

Effective Elaboration

The problem statement is usually one sentence and it is often accompanied by a couple of sentences that help to further elaborate the problem. The other sentences might also include some other aspects of your paper. It is advisable to present some persuasive argument as to why the problem is significant enough to warrant a study, or present the opinions of professionals in the field.

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