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Brief Guide To Composing A Research Paper Conclusion On Health Care

The health care sector is one that has continued to be under scrutiny because the total well-being of citizens is of top priority in every society. In writing a research paper on health care, you are given the opportunity to air your views about certain issues or ideas as it relates to this very important sector. With the body of your paper and the introduction written, you are stuck with the conclusion. This is not because you don’t know what to write but simply because you want to make a significant impact on the minds of your target readers as they come to the conclusion of your paper.

Just like the final chord in a sensational music, your academic paper will not be complete without an interesting conclusion. For this reason, the way you craft the conclusion of your research paper on health care will go a long way to determine if your audience is impressed or not. Here is a brief guide to help you achieve that lauding ovation by the time the readers get to the conclusion:

  • Return Full Circle: The aim of your conclusion is to reassure your target readers that you still stand by what you said in the introduction of your paper. For this reason, it is vital that you return your target readers full circle to where and how it all started, making sure that this is achieved with the use of varied phrases that still convey the same message as the introduction. Take note to include important key words or phrases that were in the introduction.
  • Pull It Together: The mistake most students make is seeing the conclusion of their research paper as merely a summary. Instead of doing this, use it as an opportunity to synthesize what you have done so far, starting from the introduction down to the last paragraph of the body of work. Let your readers understand how the main ideas and the associated facts and examples came together to support your thesis.
  • Propose A Course Of Action: You may not know this but readers like it when an author points out that a necessary course of action need to be initiated, proffer a solution through his or her work, or raise questions that would lead to further studies in the sector. Try doing this for your health care paper and see how far you will be able to redirect your target readers’ thought processes.

With this brief guide, you will surely not experience any difficulties in composing a research paper conclusion on health care, or any other field of study as the case may be.

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