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Creating An APA Term Paper About Science: A Brief Manual

The research students who are looking for writing guidelines for Science term paper should go through following formatting rules-

  1. Title page: Title should not be more than 12 words long. The page should reveal your name and college name with double spaces. A header should be created on the MS word. The running header should be flushed left and should be in capital letters. It should not be more than 50 characters long and should be on the top of all pages in published articles. Write page number by flushing the header right in the same line. Toolbox should be used to write page number.
  2. Abstract: Do not make it more than 150- 200 words. Write in one paragraph in block format with double spaces. Write the topic in one sentence. Overview of methods, result and discussion should be included.
  3. Introduction: Summarize, integrate and evaluate the content in the specific area and make the beginning interesting. It should be started with a broader approach and should be narrowed at the end. You can start by writing examples and anecdote illustrations to offer a logical flow.
  4. Methods: It should be written in the centre in bold format. You need to be precise while writing this section. Offer minute details so that other researchers can duplicate your methods easily. Include participants, materials, apparatus and procedure subsections and a section for design.
  5. Participants: Write number of participants, their age, gender, age, medical condition, area, population type etc.
  6. Materials: Describe all the items stated in questionnaire. If you are describing only the questionnaire, call it measure section. If any new instrument is introduced, attach in the appendix section.
  7. Apparatus: Use specialized equipment and describe it in details.
  8. Procedure: Flush it to the left and write in bold. State what participants did and why? Write their order.
  9. Results: Analyze the data based on your findings. Include statistics for each section. Do not interpret or explain the results. There should be separate section for this i.e. discussion section.
  10. Discussion: Write it in centre in bold format. Interpret your findings. Relate how your findings link with the existing literature. State the limitations of your research. Also write about the future research that can be carried on the topic. Raise questions regarding the gaps.
  11. References: Write it in centre not in bold form. It should be arranged in alphabetical order writing last name of the first author. Maintain double spaces.
  12. Tables and figures: These can be single or double spaced. Each table and figure should be arranged on a new page. Use Helvetica or Sans Serif font for writing text of figures.

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