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Writing A Term Paper Abstract Properly: Effective Techniques

An abstract is the overview or extract of your paper where you show your readers the entire research or work in a few sentences. This should be one or two paragraphs about all the major points and arguments in your paper. The difference between the abstract and introduction is that an introduction only presents your topic and does not give a proper conclusion. The abstract on the other hand, shows your topic, thesis statement, research methods and the results. The purpose of this section is to save time for your readers and let them know in a few minutes the overall extract and summary of your research.

Students often find it hard to write a great abstract because they are new to it. Whenever you attempt something for the first time, you will face some difficulties. To overcome any difficulties, it is best to get expert advice and follow it to write your paper. Below are some useful tips to help students write a great section for their term paper

  1. It should be 300 words in length or less than that. The length of this section is short so you need to be precise and relevant
  2. Write your term paper before writing the abstract. You need to write a summary of your work so it is better to have the work first
  3. Follow the instructions closely to reach to a good abstract. You need to keep in mind the desired length, the requirements for style, the target audience, and the publication source
  4. It is important to determine the type of abstract you need to write. Even though all abstracts have the same purpose, but they still vary in types. A descriptive abstract is shorter in length than an informative abstract. An informative abstract will be a extract of your paper that includes all the details about your paper
  5. It is very essential that the student realizes the purpose of the assignment
  6. You must be able to address a certain problem in your abstract section of the paper
  7. Once you identify the problem, you need to explain the methods you will use to find its solution
  8. The paper must be able to follow a proper order and give accurate results
  9. Explain your results to the readers
  10. Include all the necessary and relevant information and avoid any repetition

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