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How To Cite Things In Your Literature Research Paper: 5 Tips & Tricks

Quotations can make your literature research project much stronger and more persuasive. Smartly chosen quotes from many different sources brighten up your text and show how much work you have done. It’s very important to insert citations correctly because it also influences the grades you’re going to receive for your project.

How to Format Research Paper Citations Correctly

  1. MLA citations.
  2. The MLA academic writing style demands that your citations include its author’s name and the number of the page where it can be found in the reference source. This data can be a part of the citation: “In accordance with Jack London’s statement about (and here the citation goes, followed by the number of the page in brackets ONLY). It can also be mentioned after the citation: (London 115).

  3. APA citations.
  4. In accordance with APA academic writing demands, the citation you provide should include its author’s name and the year when your source was published. If you choose to mention the author’s name in the citation body, the publishing year should be mentioned at the end of the citation in brackets. If you don’t mention the author around the citation, put their name and the publishing date in the brackets at the end of the citation.

  5. Chicago style citations.
  6. The Chicago academic writing style demands that you use citations together with footnotes. Each citation should be followed by a number of the footnote located within the same page and containing the information on the author’s name, the title of the source and its publishing year.

  7. Citation abusage.
  8. Too many citations within one work is a thing you should avoid. Render citations only when they are really needed. You don’t have to cite the authors whose thoughts you are conveying each time you mention them.

  9. Bibliographic information.
  10. All the sources you’re citing in your paper should be listed in the bibliography chapter. When finished with the writing, check it out and make sure that all the sources have been mentioned.

Citing Opposite Opinions in Your Research Paper

It’s a nice idea to cite the opinion of your opponents word-to-word in your work. Rendering their arguments so exactly, you can avoid being charged with twisting the meaning of their words. Your project will only look stronger if you give the room to your opponents’ point of view and do it correctly, accurately, and with all possible respect.

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