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What Is The Correct Citation Format For A History Research Paper?

Including citations in research papers is an essential requirement for any student when writing such a piece of work. A lack of citations is either an indication that you haven’t carried out the research as fully is perhaps you should done or, alternatively, it may be an indication of something far worse, in that you may have plagiarised the work. In fact, you may not have intentionally plagiarised any work; however, if you have not included citations and references then whoever is marking the work can only assume that you have copied content in an attempt to pass it off as your own.

Which writing styles might be used for a history research paper

When writing a history paper, there are various styles that you may be asked to use. Two of the most common writing styles when writing history research papers are MLA style and Chicago style. It is possible to find numerous guides relating to the styles on the Internet, as well as those that have been published in print versions.

Use bibliographic citations in an endnotes section or in a footnote

Generally, any bibliographic citations that you may wish to include should feature in either the endnotes section of your paper, or in a footnote. Essentially which one you choose will depend upon the writing style and any other requirements that you may have been given.

Refer to each specific guide as well as any other instructions that you have been given

As important as it is to follow any instructions and requirements outlined in the writing guides that you may find either online or in paper versions, you should also bear in mind any specific requirements or instructions that have been given to you by your teacher or college.

Maintain consistency throughout your work

Finally, it is essential that you maintain consistency throughout your academic paper. For example, if you are writing citations in a certain way, relating to how you order the author’s name, the title of the work, the data it was published, and any other information, then you need to do this with every citation contained within your work. A lack of consistency not only looks bad, but may be an indication that you have not fully understood the requirements of the work. When proofreading and editing the work, you should be sure to check that each citation has been written correctly.

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