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5 Top Places To Look For Proofread College Research Paper Examples In History

Why Sample Essays Really Work

Looking at examples of well written paper is a fantastic way to learn to write. We always want to learn from the best whenever we write anything. And model essays are great teachers for writers getting to know the craft of the essay.

Sample essays in history or any other subject, if they are well written, well structured, and grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.

What to Look For In Sample History Essays

One thing to look for is a solid structure. You’ll want to look for an essay that has severl primary elements of essay writing, and some are crucial to the success of an essay—mainly a clearly stated thesis statement.

A thesis statement is the sentence, which tells you exactly what the essay will do. It is typically found at the end of the first paragraph in a four to five page essay, unless the essay has an introductory paragraph and then another leading to a thesis.

Where to Find Good History Examples: Five Top Places

  1. The Best Way to Find Great Sample History Essays: Contest Winners
  2. The best way I’ve found to find great sample essays in all the disciplines is to look for Award Winning Student Essays in History—or state contest history essay winners—either way, if you look for an essay written by another student, it will be written closely to the dictates of professors and structured and, most likely, with a clear introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and closing.

  3. History Essay Books on Google Books
  4. Look for collections of essays or how to write solid history paper books on Google Books. Google Book are great because they are free, and full of textbooks that are constantly being republished. Look for composition guides to writing history papers—as composition books in general will have sample essays, but rarely on historical topics.

  5. Teachers of History
  6. Teachers always keep essays of students who have done extremely well on essays on file. Ask them if you can have a copy of a good example of strong paper, not to copy but to learn from. They will not refuse.

  7. Writing Centers
  8. Writing centers at universities frequently keep sample essays on file to help students who come into the writing center for help. Ask them if they have a history paper or something similar.

  9. Tutoring Centers and Essay Help Online
  10. You can always hire a tutor to help you to structure your essay. You can request a tutor or writer who specializes in both history and English!

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